Live Nation

Live Nation Entertainment (NYSE: LYV) is the world’s leading live entertainment company comprised of global market leaders: Ticketmaster, Live Nation Concerts, Live Nation Media & Sponsorship and Artist Nation Management.

Coney Island USA

Coney Island USA exists to defend the honor of American popular culture through innovative exhibitions and performances. Presenting and producing exciting new works, our approach is rooted in mass culture and the traditions of P.T. Barnum, dime museums, burlesque, circus sideshows, vaudeville, and Coney Island itself. Preserving and championing a set of uniquely American visual and performing art forms, we seek to create an international forum for cultural preservation and discourse, and where Coney Island represents these impulses, we strive to make it once again a center for live art and entrepreneurial spirit.

Coney Island USA operates a multi-arts center in a landmark building in the heart of Coney Island. We produce and present programming in three unique venues: the Coney Island Museum, Sideshows by the Seashore and the Shooting Gallery/Arts Annex. Serving both New York City and an international community that includes visitors to Coney Island and enthusiasts of various cultural forms, our signature activities include the Mermaid Parade, the Coney Island Circus Sideshow, the Coney Island Museum, Coney Island Film Festival and new theatrical work. - See more at:

Seaside Summer Concert Series

Founded in 1978, the Seaside Summer Concert Series in Coney Island hosts musicians of all stripes in a series of free outdoor concerts on (mostly) Thursdays in July and August.

The series moved from Asser Levy Park to West 21st Street and Surf Avenue in 2011. This year the festival brings particularly good vibes to an area that was ravaged by Hurricane Sandy in November 2012.


Legends is built from award-winning operations at the most iconic venues in sports, our Hospitality division creates stellar partnerships, embodies a champion-level quality and provides an unparalleled excellence in service. We strategically combine tradition with continual innovation – to provide an always-new level of excitement in the Guest Experience.

Our passion for performance excellence, creating the best and most innovative Guest Experiences matches the vision and shared values of our partners who play on the biggest stages, under the brightest of lights.

From concessions to intimate special events, a farm-to-table, hospitality artisan culture drives our careful service of amazing flavors to each and every Guest. Well-rounded menu options are thoughtfully developed by our leading Chefs with innovation and reflection of the preferences of today’s Guests everywhere – featuring local and regional favorites, global cuisine, vegetarian and vegan options, as well as selections to serve special dietary needs.